Ski-Doo Clutching

Ibexx brings you a range of precision-engineered clutching solutions designed to enhance the performance of your Ski-Doo snowmobile. Our exclusive kits are meticulously crafted to ensure optimized power delivery and responsiveness, resulting in thrilling rides across snow-covered terrains. Upgrade your snowmobiling adventure with Ibexx's Ski-Doo clutching options and conquer the trails with absolute confidence and control.

Ski-Doo Clutching FAQs

Do snowmobiles have a clutch?

Yes, most snowmobiles are equipped with a clutch system, which is essential for transferring power from the engine to the track or skis and controlling speed and power delivery. The clutch system in a snowmobile is typically a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that operates differently from the manual clutches found in many other vehicles.

How does a clutch work on a snowmobile?

A clutch on a snowmobile, like many vehicles, is a vital component for power transfer. In a snowmobile, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system with primary and secondary clutches automatically adjusts the transmission ratio based on engine speed and load, enabling smooth acceleration and power optimization as the snowmobile's speed and conditions change.

What is a clutch kit for snowmobile?

A snowmobile clutch kit is a set of components designed to optimize the performance of the snowmobile's clutch system. It typically includes items like clutch weights, springs, and other parts that fine-tune power delivery, throttle response, and overall performance for various riding conditions.

Should you pull the clutch fast or slow?

When operating a snowmobile or UTV with a clutch system, it's generally recommended to engage or disengage the clutch lever or pedal smoothly and at a moderate pace. Pulling the clutch lever too quickly or aggressively can lead to abrupt power changes, which may affect control and vehicle stability, especially when riding on slippery or uneven terrain.

Is it bad to hold the clutch downhill?

Holding the clutch while going downhill on a snowmobile or UTV can be beneficial in some situations to prevent excessive engine braking. However, it's important to ensure that the speed remains within a safe and controlled range, as descending too rapidly with the clutch engaged can lead to loss of control and increased wear on the clutch components.

Ski-Doo Stage 2 Clutch Kit Guided Install