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We Do Clutching Upgrades For Snowmobiles & UTVs For Maximum


Your clutch no longer has to be the weak link. Ibexx has the best upgrade clutching solutions because we have the best profiles in the industry. Our fly weights are lighter, producing quicker revving results because they have less weight/mass but still create the necessary force because of the profile designs we engineer. We are extremely particular about matching the profiles of the fly weights, secondary helix and springs to the engine horsepower and torque curve because that is what will produce quicker response times off the line, faster back shifts when you are in deep snow conditions, in the sand, or on the road. We even design our clutch kits to help with off throttle back shifting when there is not a heavy load on your track or wheels. Where there is a need for quick shifting, whether it be back shifting or up shifting, we respond the quickest because our profiles, springs, and clutches work together.  We also provide matching profiles in the primary and secondary clutches, which is Paramount for performance.

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