Adapt Roller Conversion Kit (ARC)





Transform your Adapt Primary Clutch into a full slider clutch! 

Due to high demand, this product is currently available on backorder. We’re doing everything we can to fulfill orders as soon as possible.


Introducing A.R.C- Adapt Roller Conversion Kit. This innovative kit transforms the Adapt Primary Clutch from a standard slider clutch to a full roller clutch, drastically reducing friction and delivering an unsurpassed smooth shift. With A.R.C, riders can experience improved acceleration, more consistent power delivery and a longer lasting clutch. Dont settle for anything less than the best - upgrade with A.R.C today and feel the difference for yourself! 


Adapt Roller Conversion (A.R.C) Installation Guide

How to install the Adapt Roller Conversion kit into the Adapt Primary Clutch.

Gooner shows off the new A.R.C from Ibexx!

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