Yamaha Clutching

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Yamaha Clutching FAQs

How many clutches are on a snowmobile?

A typical snowmobile features two primary clutches: the drive clutch and the driven clutch. These clutches work in tandem to transfer power from the engine to the track, enabling the snowmobile to move.

How does a primary and secondary clutch work?

The primary clutch, often called the drive clutch, is connected to the snowmobile's engine and uses centrifugal force to engage and transmit power to the secondary clutch, known as the driven clutch. The secondary clutch, in turn, adjusts its sheaves to maintain the optimal power transfer to the track, allowing the snowmobile to move efficiently.

Can you clean a snowmobile clutch?

Yes, you can clean a snowmobile clutch, and it's a crucial maintenance task to ensure optimal performance. Cleaning involves removing any built-up dirt, debris, or oil from the clutch components, which can help maintain the efficiency of the clutch system.

Do you shift gears on a snowmobile?

No, snowmobiles typically don't have gears like traditional vehicles. Instead, they use a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, which means there's no need for shifting gears. The CVT adjusts the transmission ratio automatically as you accelerate or decelerate, allowing for smooth and seamless power delivery.

Which clutch is the primary on a snowmobile?

The primary clutch on a snowmobile is the drive clutch. It's connected to the engine and is responsible for transferring power to the secondary, or driven, clutch, which, in turn, controls power transmission to the track.

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