Trail Riding Clutch Kit

Ibexx's Can-Am X3 clutch kit tailored for dirt and trail riding offers unmatched performance on a variety of terrains, from dusty trails to muddy tracks, ensuring your machine powers through with ease. Engineered for higher-speed riding and all-purpose use, these kits, ranging from the Dirt 176 to the Dirt 276, are meticulously crafted to maximize engine power and traction, providing a seamless and exhilarating riding experience. With features like Hi-Mag steels, aluminum weights, upgraded helix, and carefully calibrated springs, Ibexx's dirt kits are the ultimate choice for conquering any trail challenge.

Trail Riding Clutch Kit FAQs

What does a clutch kit do for a UTV?

A clutch kit for a UTV improves the vehicle's performance by optimizing power delivery and engagement, resulting in smoother acceleration, enhanced torque, and reduced belt slippage. It achieves this by adjusting clutch components such as weights, springs, and helix to match the specific needs of trail riding, ensuring optimal performance and durability in varied terrain conditions.

What are the different types of clutches in UTV?

In UTVs, there are primarily two types of clutches: the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) clutch and the centrifugal clutch. The CVT clutch is common in most UTVs and allows for seamless gear shifting, while the centrifugal clutch is simpler and engages based on engine RPM, making it suitable for lighter-duty applications such as utility tasks or beginner-level riding.

What is a primary clutch on a UTV?

The primary clutch on a UTV is a component responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission system. It engages and disengages based on engine RPM, allowing the UTV to accelerate smoothly and efficiently while also providing the necessary torque for trail riding.

What is the difference between a wet clutch and a dry clutch UTV?

A wet clutch in a UTV is immersed in oil, providing better cooling and lubrication, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications and extended use. On the other hand, a dry clutch operates without oil immersion, typically requiring less maintenance but may be less durable under intense riding conditions.

What does the secondary clutch do on a side by side?

The secondary clutch on a side-by-side (UTV) adjusts the transmission ratio based on engine RPM and vehicle speed, allowing for smooth acceleration and optimal power delivery. It works in conjunction with the primary clutch to transfer power from the engine to the wheels efficiently, enhancing overall performance during trail riding.

Can-Am Clutch Kit Guided Install