Snowmobile Polaris

Ibexx is the top provider for Snowmobile Polaris thanks to our high-quality products and excellent customer service. We offer a wide variety of Snowmobile Polaris for different vehicle models, using only the best materials and technology to ensure durability and reliability. Our team of experienced technicians provides expert advice and installation services, ensuring our clients receive the best possible experience. Choose Ibexx for the best Snowmobile Polaris solution in the industry.

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Ever had an OEM throttle stuck open and lose control of your sled? Well not anymore! We have the ...

Utilizing the orange series weights built just for the Boost. The orange series weights are designed with an aggressive ...

The Blue series weights are designed with a lower engagement and than our red profile but still with an ...

The Red series weights are designed for turbo kits with a fast spool idea and with an aggressive shift ...

The new Hyper Velocity Intake. Everyone wants to ride and not have issues when there is deep blower snow!!! ...

2019-2023 Polaris Patriot 850 Stage 2


Polaris Patriot 850 Stage 2



The Blue series weights are back and better than before! Built just for the Patriot, The Blue series weights ...

Experience ultimate performance and power with Polaris 9R Clutch Kit!

Spring rate 150/340

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