Snowmobile Performance Parts

Ibexx offers a diverse range of premium snowmobile performance parts to elevate your winter riding experience. From high-performance clutch kits ensuring optimal power transfer to turbo kits for an exhilarating boost, Ibexx caters to snowmobile enthusiasts seeking enhanced capabilities. Our tuning solutions fine-tune your snowmobile's performance for peak efficiency. Ibexx is your one-stop destination for top-tier snowmobile upgrades, providing the tools and components needed to conquer winter terrains with confidence.

Snowmobile Clutch Kits
Polaris Boost Clutch Kit
Polaris Boost Intake
Polaris Boost Tuning
Polaris 800 Axys Clutch Kit
Polaris Clutch Kits
850 Turbo Clutch Kit
850 ETEC Clutch Kit
Arctic Cat Clutching
Arctic Cat 600 Clutching
Arctic Cat 800 Clutching
Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kit
Ski-Doo Clutching
Ski-Doo Clutch Tools
Yamaha Clutching
Ice Scratchers
Ski-Doo Ice Scratchers
CVT Clutch System

Snowmobile Performance Tuning