Ski-Doo Clutch Tools

Revolutionize your snowmobile maintenance routine with Ibexx's premium Ski-Doo clutch tools. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our specialized tools are designed to meet the demands of avid snowmobilers. From compression tools to belt removal tools, each item in our collection is engineered for efficiency, ensuring you have the right equipment for hassle-free clutch maintenance, installs, and adjustments. Invest in top-notch tools that match the performance of your Ski-Doo, available exclusively at Ibexx.

Ski-Doo Clutch Tools FAQs

What is a clutch compression tool?

A clutch compression tool is an essential component for snowmobilers, designed to compress the clutch for easier belt installation and removal. This tool provides a safe and efficient way to work on the clutch system, making maintenance tasks more convenient for snowmobile enthusiasts.

How do you remove a primary clutch from a snowmobile?

To remove a primary clutch from a snowmobile, use a clutch puller tool specifically designed for your snowmobile model. Insert the puller into the center of the clutch and tighten it to gradually extract the clutch from the shaft, allowing for safe and effective removal during maintenance or upgrades.

How do you use a clutch compression tool?

To use a clutch compression tool, first, remove the cover from the primary clutch of your snowmobile. Then, place the compression tool onto the clutch and use it to compress the clutch, making it easier to remove or install components during maintenance or upgrades.

How do you adjust a clutch?

To adjust a snowmobile clutch, begin by removing the cover and accessing the clutch components. Using the appropriate tools, adjust the tension or settings as needed to achieve optimal performance, taking into account factors like engagement RPM and belt alignment.

Can you adjust a slipping clutch?

Adjusting a slipping snowmobile clutch involves inspecting and, if necessary, tightening the belt tension or adjusting the clutch engagement RPM to prevent slipping during operation. Proper adjustments depend on the specific clutch system and the manufacturer's recommendations.

Ski-Doo Secondary Compression Tool