Rock Crawling Clutch Kit

Ibexx's Can-am X3 clutch kits are designed to conquer the toughest terrain including rock crawling. Available in three variations (Crawler 226, 276, and 326), these kits cater to different horsepower ranges, ensuring optimal performance for your machine. Whether you're navigating treacherous mountainsides or tackling volcanic lava flows, Ibexx's rock crawler clutch kits will provide the grip and control you need to dominate any challenge.

Rock Crawling Clutch Kit FAQs

How do you rock crawl?

Rock crawling with a UTV requires slow, precise maneuvers and momentum control. Aim for smooth throttle inputs, utilize weight transfer to maximize traction, and choose lines that avoid high-centering or rollovers. Remember, patience and planning are key to conquering the rocks!

How much ground clearance do you need for rock crawling?

While there's no set minimum, 12 inches is a common starting point for moderate rock crawling. More clearance offers better obstacle handling, but a lower center of gravity can also improve stability, so finding the right balance for your terrain is key.

What is the difference between rock crawling and off roading?

Rock crawling is like technical rock climbing for vehicles, tackling slow, challenging obstacles with specialized modifications. Off-roading covers a broader range, including trails with varying difficulty levels and less extreme terrain. Think of it as exploring the wilderness on wheels, while rock crawling is mastering specific, demanding sections.

Can-Am Clutch Kit Guided Install