Universal/Reversible Ice Scratcher Kit

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Tired of breaking Ice Scratchers and throwing money away? Look no further! The perfect set of ice scratchers are the best for the following reasons. Stainless steel, No rust, No chipping of powder coating, double hard faced for extra-long wear. Universal Fit: Arctic Cat, Polaris, Skidoo, & Yamaha. Need to reverse and don’t want to lift them up? Go ahead and reverse, no problem. Held up by strong billet brackets that don’t break & keep ice scratchers from scratching those awesome looking rails you paid extra money for. Not to mention they are cosmetically gorgeous!

Color options available for our plastic brackets, (Black, Red, Neon Green and Neon Yellow)

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Weight 5 oz


6 reviews for Universal/Reversible Ice Scratcher Kit

  1. Jack Sampson

    Not a universal, fit had to fab plates to fit my girls 2015 153 mountain cat. Not sure what I’m goin to do to fit my 2018 162 mountain cat. Not keen on drilling more holes in an already small area. Concept is great Fitment is not. States in the instructions they fit where the old scratches were, on the 2015 they will rub the front outer wheel. Better pics on the web site showing how they mounted them on all the stock sleds.

    • Kasandra Hernandez

      Thank you for your review on the Ice Scratcher Kit. We do have an install video out Available on youtube and we are working on one for a Mountain Cat. We have previously installed the Ice Scratcher Kit on a Mountain Cat before. Do you mind sending us pics on how you installed it? We’d be glad to help!

  2. Cordell

    After breaking the stock polaris scratchers about every 50 miles i put on these ibexx scratchers and said goodbye to broken scratchers! They were a super smooth and clean install! Deffinetly a must For any sled!!

  3. Brian Briggs (verified owner)

    I have used three different styles of ice scratchers in the last 8 years and the IBEXX ones have shown the best results and are still on my sled and I have moved them from my old 2017 sled to the 2019 new sled, (Polaris Assault) With any scratchers location is the key and room for them when the suspension is completely compressed. In the end of the day you really only need one scratcher down at a time to get enough slide lubrication and cooling. These have not broken off backing up or when I cross a grated deck bridge. They stay up in the factory hanger & the hanger is tough enough they don’t break. In time you could wear them down if you forget to raise them on the asphalt, but just add a short carbide pick.

  4. Jim Lange (verified owner)

    New sled at start of season. Broke 2 sets of stock Polaris scratchers in first 300 miles. Bought these and all problems went away. Mounting was simple. Didn’t care to drill holes in rails, and more expensive than stock replacements but well worth it now. My 2018 Assault loves um. Than you!

  5. Shane Smith

    If you are looking for the cure all fix for the weak OEM scratchers this is it. I ran them on 2 machines with zero issues. They cool your sled better than factory scratchers, allow you to back up at any time, and are super tough. Get them, you wont regret it!

  6. Joe (verified owner)

    Installed these on a 2015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 with 137″ track.. Was able to utilize stock holes found on the skid. Only had to slightly enlarge one hole to accommodate the bolt for the scratcher. Installation literally took ten minutes. Very well built product.

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