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RZR XPT Stage 2 Clutch Kit


Due to California Proposition 65 this product is illegal in the state of California. Ibexx will not be able to ship these items to a California residency.



Introducing Ibexx’s new stage 2 clutch kit, this is the complete package to revamp your clutching.  This custom Ibexx weight kit gives you the option for tailoring your ride to whatever terrain you like to ride on.  The kit contains: Custom design green profile turbo weights, Primary Spring, Magnets, Bushings, Secondary Spring, and Helix.


NOTE: 2021 Clutches have changed and now are the same as a RZR PRO. You can select the your year and you will receive the correct kit just note that 2021-UP clutch kit are not what’s pictured.

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Weight 3 oz


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RZR XPT Stage 2 Clutch Kit Installation


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