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Ibexx X3 Drift Mod




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Check out the Ibexx Drift mod. It has come to our attention that lot of Can-Am Maverick x3’s have alignment issues. Rather than coming up with something that you have to shim we have taken and made it much more simple. Coming from the snowmobile world we used the same technology that has been around for 25 years and applied it to the UTV market. The drift mod does a number of different things for the average user. This drift mod does not work like a “Float Mod”. You simply bolt it on and enjoy! You have the option to upgrade the rollers. Simply click on whatever you want to add and fill the form out. Or if you only want the Drift mod we can do that also.

NOTE: Right now you will have to send your secondary in. We are working on getting cores in so that the customer has less turnaround time.

NOTE: After completing the purchase there will be a “print” button on the order complete page. Please print that and put it on the inside of the box.

Typical turnaround time will be 1-2 days.

The Drift mod will:

  • Reduce belt wear
  • Reduce belt heat
  • Reduce Chatter
  • Smoother shifting for added acceleration
  • Self align for perfect alignment



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Drift Mod

Drift Mod, WKP Rollers, Secondary Sheeve Truing, Primary Sheeve Truing

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