Polaris Boost Intake

Achieve bog-free performance in deep snow with the Ibexx Polaris Boost intake. Designed to resist bogging and prevent air blockage in challenging snow conditions, this intake system ensures uninterrupted airflow for optimal performance. Conquer deep powder with confidence, thanks to the bog-resistant design that keeps your snowmobile performing at its best in any snow-laden terrain. Upgrade to the Ibexx Hyper Velocity Intake and experience unparalleled reliability in the most demanding winter environments.

Polaris Boost Intake FAQs

How does an air intake system work?

An air intake system in a snowmobile functions by supplying a continuous flow of air to the engine. It draws in outside air, filters out impurities, and delivers a clean, oxygen-rich air supply to the engine, optimizing combustion for improved performance.

What is the difference between a cold air intake and an air intake?

A cold air intake and an air intake both provide enhanced airflow to a snowmobile engine, but a cold air intake is specifically designed to draw in cooler air from outside the engine compartment. This cooler air can be denser, promoting better combustion and potentially increasing horsepower compared to a standard air intake system.

Does air intake affect acceleration?

Yes, the air intake can significantly affect acceleration on a snowmobile. A high-performance air intake system allows the engine to receive more oxygen, enhancing combustion and potentially resulting in improved acceleration and overall performance.

Is a cold air intake just a filter?

A cold air intake is more than just a filter; it is a complete system designed to bring cooler air into the engine. By drawing in colder air, it increases the density of oxygen, promoting better combustion and potentially improving overall snowmobile performance.

Hyper Velocity Intake