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Ice Scratchers

Tired of scouring through the internet for quality ice-scratchers that widen the application of your snowmobile? Our easy installation ice-scratchers are just the right products for you! 

Ibexx is a leading seller in the power sports industry and has been operational for more than 20 years now. We understand the pain points of our fellow power sports enthusiasts and recognize the need for quality snowmobile accessories. 

Get your hands on the most powerful and premium snowmobile ice-scratchers with Ibexx

Forming Snow Dust To Keep Your Snowmobile Going

Ice-scratchers, as the name suggests, are equipped with snowmobiles to scratch the ice. The ice here does not mean a frozen sheet of ice but a dense snowpack. You can easily install one of our snowmobile ice-scratchers on the rails of the rear suspension on both sides. This way, the tip of these powerful scratchers will help in digging through the solid snowpack and convert it to snow dust.

Keeping Your Engine Cool And Snowmobile Going With Premium Ice-Scratchers!

Snowmobiles are best to ride on powder-like snow. If not, your rear suspension will keep collecting the hard chunks of snow and not provide proper cooling to the heat exchangers. Now, failure to provide adequate cooling to these heat exchangers can overheat the engine and lead to a blast or the slides melting down. We DON’T want that! 

Simply use our premium snowmobile ice-scratchers on both sides and maintain the proper temperature with ease. These scratchers will turn the ice chunks to dust and help cool the engine. Keep your snowmobile going with our quality ice-scratchers.

Your Guide To Makings Of An Ideal Ice-Scratcher

Reverse gear

Ideally, ice scratchers are pointed down, and they work perfectly fine while moving forward, but what about when you are using your snowmobile in reverse? An ideal ice scratcher needs to be back into the upright position before you hit the reverse gear. 

Spring attached

Ideal Ski-Doo ice-scratchers are on a spring so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking the ice scratcher out when not in use. The spring helps in moving the ice scratcher up and down with ease.

Why Ibexx For Ice-Scratchers?

Designed to function in reverse 

All our snowmobile ice scratchers, including Ski-Doo ice-scratchers, are designed to function in reverse and therefore offer optimal support to your snowmobile. 

Maximize snow on the track 

Our snowmobile ice-scratchers are uniquely designed to maximize snow on the track and apply a great force on the snow when you ride for convenient movement. 

No rusting 

Our premium quality ice-scratchers are made with stainless steel to provide comfort and durability. Unlike our competitors, our brackets are not made of cheap plastic. We utilize billet aluminum for longevity and durability in the snow. 

Universal fit 

No matter what kind of snowmobile you have, our ice-scratchers will fit right into its rear transmission. 


Our bi-directional ice-scratchers ensure you only scratch the ice and not your snowmobile. You can now easily back up without worrying.

Our Collection Of Ice-Scratcher & Parts

Universal/Bi-directional Ice Scratchers 2.0 

This unique ice scratcher has been designed to last long and can be equipped with any type of snowmobile. 

Replacement ice-scratchers spring 

We even deal in ice-scratcher springs that help you with the mobility of your ice scratcher and aids in moving up or down instead of completely unscrewing it. 


Get premium ice-scratchers & parts to keep your snowmobile up and running!  Contact us today!