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Hubert Rowland Signs as Ambassador for Ibexx

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American Falls, ID (May 21st 2021): Ibexx LLC, manufacturer of performance clutch and turbo products, is thrilled to let the powersports community know about its support of Hubert Rowland, ‘Everyone’s Favorite RedNek’.

Hubert is perhaps best known as Travis Pastrana’s mechanic and right-hand man, he is also a core member of Nitro Circus and an engineering mastermind who has worked on many adrenaline sport film projects from Nitro Circus The Movie, to Action Figures, Action Figures 2, and Evil Knievel Tribute Show on History Channel, Life Size Toys, and Gymkhana. Hubert is also the founder of a national powersport safety program and a lead ambassador for Can-Am.

Ibexx LLC has been a long-standing leader in Powersports clutch technology catering to both the UTV and Snowmobile industry and delivering significant performance increase and drivability improvements no matter the terrain or climate. Hubert has installed the latest clutch kit on his Can-Am maverick, and Hubert said, “It’s great to work with such a great company that has a history of being family-owned and engineered here in the USA.”

“It’s another amazing relationship coming together, where we can all merge our knowledge and do great things for everyone, especially powersport enthusiasts. The guys at Ibexx have decades of experience in the performance sector, and they are now turning their attention to the UTV/ SXS crowd. They are smart and industrious, and good things are happening. Ibexx is also committed to our initiatives around child ATV safety; from live events to trail rides, to professional video production, they will be supporting us. I am appreciative of their knowledge, their commitment, and their heart to help others. It’s awesome!”

Alex Klassen, founder of Ibexx, “As a manufacturing company looking to push the boundaries of the sport it’s critical that we are working with the best in the industry; Hubert is that guy. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and will help us with our continuous improvement initiatives while expanding our visibility into new areas. Hubert is also humble, approachable, and genuinely wants to help others; I am sure that has a lot to do with him founding the Let’s Ride Powersport Safety Program. ATV safety is a growing concern across the nation and has affected our family personally. We are committed to utilizing our resources to creatively support Hubert’s safety initiatives and we invite others to join us in this movement. It’s going to be fun, and of course, Hubert always brings a good laugh!”

Come find Hubert and learn more about safety and Ibexx at UTV racing events and consumer shows posted on

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IBEXX Sponsors Hubert Rowland