Big News! UTV Clutch Kits Price Drop
Can-Am X3 Clutch Kits were $879.99, NOW $799.00
Rzr Turbo Clutch Kits were $609.99, NOW $499.99
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How can you run lighter weight with more HP?

Because of the increased efficiency of force, we can actually run more force with less weight/mass.

Why do I need a Clutch Kit?

Simply... to get more HP to the ground help with belt life and clutch life.

What's the difference in Compression Springs vs Torsion Springs?

Compression spring has only one way of resistance and that's by compression. On a torsion spring you can adjust the tension easily plus it helps with back shifting the clutch

What are Clutches?

Clutches are part of the drive system. Commonly referred to as CVT (Continuously variable Transmission).

Do I need to change my clutching for more HP or bigger tires?

Simply... Yes... you are putting more power to the motor and therefore it needs to shift "faster" or in the case of tires you are going to be putting more stress on the drivetrain and need to readjust to get the engine back into the power band.

Why would I do a compound turbo over a single turbo?

Compound kit runs well in any environment, it's built for trail riding and rock climbing, but is also competitive in the sand.

Do I need Compounds?

If you are seeking to have a high performance and high HP buggy that has the drivability of the small turbos but the power of the large turbos; Ibexx's twin turbo is the best of both worlds.

How often do I need to rebuild my clutch?

Rebuilding your clutch is highly dependent on driving conditions and upon the HP and tire size - ie the extra load put on the clutches. Ibexx helps reduce this frequency because they use less overall force to accomplish the same shifting results. A clutch under high load and stress may need to be rebuilt as often as 500 miles. If the buggy's are under low stress circumstances, then they may go up to 3000 miles. They need to be checked regularly after each ride. Most of the time an average of 1500-2000 miles is good time to service your clutches. Video : How to check your clutch conditions after riding.

What are the advantages of a tuner for my engine?

A tuner can help optimize fuel economy, HP and engine longevity by adjusting parameters to keep it oiled more (two stroke motor) or kick on a cooling fan so it stays lower in the temps to keep the engine temps down.