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A little Background…

Welcome to Ibexx, we are a company deeply rooted in mechanical aptitude. This all started when our Grandpa won the Plymouth troubleshoot award clear back in the 60s and from then on, we have been improving the horsepower world. Racing just runs through our veins and winning is our only acceptable result.

The objective is getting engine horsepower and torque to the ground thru a respective transmission or in this case the clutches (CVT continuously variable transmission). We have done this with clutches much larger than snowmobiles. We have even worked with clutches that are on engines with upwards of 600 horsepower and 1800 lbs. feet of torque on combines, now how many people that work with CVT’s can say that? As 3rd generation mechanical suave brothers with mechanical engineers on staff we have worked with clutches ranging from 1,800 lbs. feet of torque clear down to 10 lbs. feet of torque giving us an amazing broad knowledge of clutches that exceeds most (maybe all) in the snowmobile or UTV, CVT world.

Working on combines that have 1800 lbs. feet of torque clear down to kitty sleds that have less than 10 lbs. feet of torque now that is as broad of knowledge as a person will find in the recreational world. We have now concentrated our energy on recreational work and play vehicles that have CVT transmissions. These vehicles include, Can-Am X3, Defender, Maverick, Turbo, Turbo R and commander models. Textron Wildcat, Prowler, Havoc, and Stampede. The RZR XPT, RZR 1000, RZR 900, General 1000 and Ranger just to mention a few UTV’s, and for snowmobiles we include Polaris RMK, Switchback, Indy, and Rush. For the Skidoo we offer clutch kits for Summit X, Freeride, Renegade, and Rev. Arctic Cat includes, Mountain Cat, Alpha Cat, Thunder Cat, King Cat, Bear Cat, and Snow Pro. For the Yamaha we do clutching for the SR Viper, Sidewinder, Apex, RS Vector, Venture, Nytro, Mountain Max, and SRX. These are just a few models that we offer clutching for. We call this world IBEXX!

Ibexx and Clutching Technology

Let’s get straight into what clutching exactly is, Ibexx has the best clutching solutions because we have the best profiles in the industry. Our fly weights are lighter, producing quicker revving results because they have less weight/mass but still create the necessary force because of the profile designs we engineer. We are extremely particular about matching the profiles of the fly weights, secondary helix and springs to the engine horsepower and torque curve because that is what will produce quicker response times off the line, faster back shifts when you are in deep snow conditions, in the sand, or on the road. We even design our clutch kits to help with off throttle back shifting when there is not a heavy load on your track or wheels. Wherever there is a need for quick back shifting, we respond the quickest because our profiles, springs, and clutches work together. It is Paramount that the clutches have matching profiles in the primary and secondary clutches. What do we mean by that? It means that the profile of the weight which governs the force and the speed at which the primary clutch closes must match the profile of the helix in the secondary clutch which governs the speed at which the secondary wants to open and belt tension (belt grip). These two profiles must match, or you will end up with high belt heat, belt slippage, wasted energy that never gets to the ground, or slow back shifts and slow responding clutches which causes the machine to be sluggish.

Spring rates and spring tensions play a large role in the function of these two clutches as well. As an example, the primary spring helps determine the clutch engagement RPM and effects how steady your RPM is throughout the whole RPM range, a stiff starting primary will raise engagement, but a lower rate spring may cause the RPM to creep up once the engine has reached the desired RPM. All these things have been taken into consideration and charted so that we can tell exactly how the clutches are going to respond to the horsepower and torque curves of the engine. Our clutch weights are the easiest and most adjustable of any in the market. This is accomplished by using the strongest magnets in the industry and having, depending upon the weight, four positions of adjustability.

The Ibexx helix’s have multiple angles depending upon whether the engine is naturally aspirated or whether it is turbocharged. The Helix angles are adjusted to meet the needs of the shift so that you get a very quick response that is matched to the engine horsepower and torque curves whether you are upshifting or downshifting along with compatible springs in the primary and secondary clutches.

Ibexx has created a magical secondary helix cover that has adjustable spring tension right from the exterior of the secondary clutch, this makes it quick and easy to make minor RPM adjustments.  Keep an eye out for the new secondary clutches coming out that will fit Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and Polaris branded snowmobiles. They will also fit most of the UTV’s Polaris, Can-Am, Textron, Arctic cat as well as John Deere.

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