Why Do You Need An Ice Scratcher For Your Snowmobile?


Ice scratchers are tiny cables with robust steel designed to scratch the surface of the plowed road, hard-packed trail, or icy lake. The rear suspension accommodates these Ice Scratchers and the installation is simple and easy. It may be difficult for you to ride on a snowpack, but you can penetrate the snow with Ice […]

Hubert Rowland Signs as Ambassador for Ibexx

IBEXX Sponsors Hubert Rowland

  American Falls, ID (May 21st 2021): Ibexx LLC, manufacturer of performance clutch and turbo products, is thrilled to let the powersports community know about its support of Hubert Rowland, ‘Everyone’s Favorite RedNek’. Hubert is perhaps best known as Travis Pastrana’s mechanic and right-hand man, he is also a core member of Nitro Circus and an […]