Catalyst 600

The Arctic Cat Catalyst 600 is a groundbreaking snowmobile that's redefining the industry. With its innovative design and outstanding handling, it offers riders an exceptional experience on the snow.

The Catalyst 600 is revolutionizing the snowmobile industry with Ibexx's High-Intensity Turbo Kit. This kit includes a state-of-the-art G.O.A.T Tuner, allowing riders to fine-tune their performance. With precision profile weights, an optimized helix, a custom airbox, and a proprietary turbo design, this kit provides unparalleled clutching and power delivery. It perfectly complements the Catalyst's sleek design and lightweight carbon fiber piping. Developed in collaboration with Arctic Cat's hill climb race team, this turbo kit sets a new standard in snowmobile performance. It's the fastest, most efficient kit on the lightest and most efficient chassis available, offering an extraordinary snowmobiling experience.

Catalyst 600 FAQs

What is Arctic Cat catalyst?

The Arctic Cat Catalyst is a remarkable line of snowmobiles designed to push the boundaries of performance and handling in the snowmobiling industry. It incorporates cutting-edge technology and advanced design to offer riders an exceptional snowmobiling experience.

Does Arctic Cat have a wet clutch?

The Arctic Cat Catalyst 600 features a dry clutch system, which is common in snowmobiles. Dry clutches do not rely on oil for cooling and are designed to operate in cold, snowy conditions.

How wide is the Arctic Cat catalyst?

The width of the Arctic Cat Catalyst 600 snowmobile can vary depending on the specific model and the addition of aftermarket accessories. Generally, it falls within the standard snowmobile width range, which is approximately 45 to 47 inches.

How much horsepower does an Arctic Cat 600 have?

The exact horsepower output of an Arctic Cat 600 snowmobile can vary depending on the specific model and year. However, Arctic Cat 600 engines typically produce around 120 to 130 horsepower.

What is the towing capacity of the Arctic Cat?

Arctic Cat snowmobiles, including the Catalyst 600, are not designed for towing purposes. These vehicles are primarily built for recreational riding and performance in snow and winter terrain, rather than towing or hauling loads.

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