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Can-Am Belt Removal Tool

Ibexx offers the best Can-Am belt removal tool for your UTV’s! 

We deal in various performance parts and tools for snowmobiles, ATVs, and much more. Our Can-Am belt removal tool is the star of our product category. It is the only belt removal tool available in the market that is a true one piece design for easy use and easy storage, setting this belt removal tool apart from what you usually get in the market.

Can-Am Belt Removal Tool

This is a specially built tool that helps get rid of the CVT belt from clutch sheaves on the Can-AM Maverick X3 and 800. Instead of using the stock one to scar up your clutch and wasting lots of time and effort, you can simply use a Can-AM belt tool and remove the belt from the clutch in just a couple of minutes. We also have the Primary clutch tool available should the need arise. 

This tool simply works by screwing into the driven clutch, which is also known as a secondary clutch. After screwing into the clutch, it pushes the sheaves and separates them with added pressure. This is how the Can-Am belt tool makes removing the belt from the clutch a pain-free experience for you. Get one now!

A Guide To Using The Can-Am Belt Removal Tool

Using the Can-Am belt removal tool is simple, and even if you are a newbie to the world of power sports, you can still use this effective belt removal tool with ease. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use the belt removal tool without using the elbow grease:

  • First of all, you thread the Can-Am belt tool into the secondary (driven) clutch until it wont thread in anymore
  • Next make sure the round part is against the clutch.
  • Now start pulling the handle towards the outside of the buggy, you will see the secondary start to open
  • After the sheaves have been pressed apart, you will feel the tool kind of snap into place. Now you can remove the belt and replace it with a new one.

Why Choose Ibexx’s Can-Am Belt Removal Tool?

One-piece tool 

Unlike other Can-Am clutch tools in the market, you don’t have to use any type of zip tie or wire tie along with the belt removal tool to keep the parts together. This means that all you need to change the belts is our Can-AM belt removal tool. 

Easy to use 

Just like our primary clutch tool, our belt removal tool is super easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you have been working on your power sports for more than a decade or you have never even changed a single screw; you can easily work with our belt removal tool. 

Value for money

No need to go extravagant with your budget while buying a simple belt removal tool, as just like our Primary clutch tool, our belt removal tool is available at an economical price. Ibexx believes in offering value to their customers for their investments and ensures you get quality products delivered.

Why make the simple belt removal process a tiresome experience?

 Use the Can-Am belt removal tool from Ibexx for ease and comfort!