Why Do You Need An Ice Scratcher For Your Snowmobile?

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Why Do You Need An Ice Scratcher For Your Snowmobile?

Ice scratchers are tiny cables with robust steel designed to scratch the surface of the plowed road, hard-packed trail, or icy lake. The rear suspension accommodates these Ice Scratchers and the installation is simple and easy.

It may be difficult for you to ride on a snowpack, but you can penetrate the snow with Ice Scratchers and not worry about overheating. The sharp tip of a scratcher helps to loosen the snow which accumulates on the suspension.

There are many designs in the market, but all have the same purpose. However, the quality of the ice scratcher matters a lot. That’s why the Ski-Doo branded ice-scratchers are the best and recommendable. They have the best capability of creating snow dust, which helps to cool and lubricate the slide.

Ski Doo Clutch Tools are essential instruments in helping snowmobile drivers navigate through the thick snowpack. These tools help keep the clutches in good condition, thus allowing the engine to work appropriately.

The ice scratcher helps generate more coolant vapor that prevents any heat that may damage the engine’s crankshaft. The crankshaft’s work is to create a force that powers the motor to have enough power to penetrate the snow or plowed road surface.

Features of Ski-Doo Ice Scratchers

  • Provides extra cooling and lubrication in hard snow or icy conditions to prevent rail and engine damage.
  • These scratchers are lightweight, small, and rail-mounted––providing efficiency on your track.
  • The Ice Scratchers expand on the coil and allow the snowmobile driver to move forward or reverse without any complications or damage (cable scratchers).
  • It is easily stored when it’s not in use––doesn’t need extra maintenance as long as you clean and hang it on the rail.
  • Contain a replaceable and affordable scratcher tip––cheap as compared to replacing the rail.
  • It is compatible with Rev-XP Summit Fits, Rev (G4) Summit, and Rev-XM.


Drill a hole in front of a rail somewhere close to the front of the rail (skid). The spot hole should not exceed 3/8″. Test whether the scratcher fits in the hole spot; if it does, use a mounting bolt to fix it on the rail as desired. The elbow angle should not exceed 45 degrees. The elbow angle idea is to help ensure that the scratcher has adequate pressure as it conquers through the hardened snow.

What You Need to Understand About Ice Scratchers

Ski Doo Ice Scratchers cool down the slides and somewhat help control the heat exchanger on your snowmobile. The Ice scratchers help you avoid problems related to overheating and snow complications.

As the name suggests, these tools scratch the snow to provide snow dust on heat exchangers. These tools are essential in preventing the potential problems related to overheating of the engine or transmission.

The best thing about Ski-Doo Ice scratchers is that they are designed to have more efficiency in cooling the snowmobile tracks than typical ones. They have become one of the cheapest insurance strategies to keep your ride in good condition in complex snow or icy environments.

Types of Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

  • Spring scratchers

These are spring-designed scratchers that scrape the snow to create ice chips dust on skid frames to cool the slides. They lower the temperature of the slides to 30° when subjected to hard ice. Spring scratchers are the most preferable for lubrication and cooling scratchers while navigating in frozen ice.

The best thing about the spring scratchers is that they are easy to install. With this scratcher, you will not require front idler wheels. The procedure helps to eliminate four pounds, making your snowmobile more efficient and saving gas.

This type of Ski-Doo Ice Scratcher produces more snow dust since it applies down pressure on hard ice or snowpack. The effect of the snow dust helps to cool and avoid overheating on the slides. The Down pressure formula is effective, especially where the snow or ice is hard and has accumulated for some time.

The only challenge with the spring scratcher is that you can’t use the reverse mode without stopping the ride. It would help if you stop and put the scratcher on the holder. Note that your scratcher will bend and get damaged beyond repair if you don’t follow this protocol.

The user can hook the scratcher on the rail when it’s not in use. It does not interfere with anything when stored, and you can get it back anytime you want. You can install it yourself without a specialist as long as you follow the manufacturer’s manual instructions.

  • Cable scratchers

These are flexible and short metal cables that create snow dust that helps in cooling your snowmobile track. The cable scratcher has replaceable steel tips. Although these scratchers are not as effective as spring scratchers, most riders use them. They prefer them because they have flexible cables that allow a person to reverse without subjecting the scratcher to any potential damage. Unlike spring scratchers, you don’t have to stop for you to reverse.

Another advantage of the cable scratchers is that they are easy to handle and relatively compatible on the road. They don’t apply down pressure, so you can pass by a gas station without posing any damage to the road.

The only shortcoming of this scratcher is that they ruin the paint of your rails. They chip out the paint as you drag. It may not be an issue if you’re operating on an old snowmobile ride, but it should concern you if you have a new ride with well-coated rails.

Why Do You Need an Ice Scratcher?

You may be wondering! Why do I need an ice scratcher, and my snowmobile ride is in good condition? But the answer is simple. The Ski-Doo Ice Scratcher is essential in keeping your snowmobile track in the best cooling effect when it runs hot on a snowpack.

You’ll notice that the rear suspension attracts more snow particles when you’re not riding on fresh snow. It results in overheating, where slides and heat exchangers can’t regulate the heat. When the heat is beyond the measure, the slides are melted away. And this is where you need an ice scratcher to cool your machine.

Note that the ice scratcher is important in protecting your rails. Slides cover the rails, where slides are cheaper to replace as compared to rails.

On top of that, the ice scratcher protects your engine from getting damaged. This happens when melted snow is on the heat exchanger, and the heat affects the engine since there is no coolant. When the engine overheats, it can blow up. It is a problem that you don’t want to experience or have with your snowmobile engine. The financial costs will be high for the engine replacement.

Even if there is a little snow, the slides will heat and melt. The worst time is in the morning since the snow is permanently frozen and hard to penetrate, and your machine will heat up more than usual. So ensure that you use the ice scratcher, especially when you have a long track. The best thing about Ski-Doo Ice Scratchers is that they are affordable, and installation takes a few minutes.

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