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Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kit

The Arctic Cat M8000 clutch kit offered by Ibexx is a premium solution designed to enhance the performance and riding experience of your snowmobile. Crafted with precision engineering, this kit optimizes power delivery, providing increased horsepower, quicker acceleration, and improved throttle response. It ensures consistent clutch engagement, reducing slippage and maximizing power transfer to the track, resulting in better performance and handling in various snow conditions. Whether you're a backcountry enthusiast or a trail rider, this clutch kit is meticulously designed to meet the demands of winter sports, promising increased agility and control on the snow. Upgrade your Arctic Cat M8000 with Ibexx's clutch kit to unleash the full potential of your snowmobile and elevate your snowmobiling adventure.

Arctic Cat M8000 Clutch Kit FAQs

How much horsepower does the Arctic Cat M8000 have?

The Arctic Cat M8000 typically produces around 160 to 165 horsepower, but the exact horsepower output can vary depending on the specific model and year. This level of power delivers strong performance in a wide range of snow conditions.

What motor is in an Arctic Cat M8000?

The Arctic Cat M8000 is equipped with a powerful 2-stroke engine, specifically a 794cc 2-stroke engine. This engine is known for its robust performance and is designed for snowmobiling in various terrains.

What CC is the Arctic Cat M8000?

The Arctic Cat M8000 features a 794cc engine, making it a high-performance snowmobile capable of handling various snow conditions with power and agility. This engine size provides the M8000 with the horsepower needed for a thrilling snowmobiling experience.

Is a M8000 a mountain sled?

Yes, the Arctic Cat M8000 is categorized as a mountain snowmobile, designed to excel in challenging mountain and backcountry terrain. Its performance features and lightweight design make it well-suited for riding in deep snow and steep slopes.

How much does a M8000 weigh?

The weight of an Arctic Cat M8000 snowmobile can vary depending on the specific model and features. Typically, these snowmobiles weigh between 450 to 500 pounds, with variations based on factors such as track length and additional equipment.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Clutch Kit Install Guide