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Arctic Cat Clutching

Discover the key to unlocking the full potential of your Arctic Cat UTV and snowmobile with Ibexx's advanced clutching solutions. Our precision-engineered kits are designed to deliver optimized power delivery, enhanced throttle response, and superior performance across various terrains. Elevate your Arctic Cat experience with Ibexx and conquer the trails or snow-covered landscapes like never before.

Arctic Cat Clutching FAQs

How does snowmobile clutching work?

Snowmobile clutching is a critical system that controls power transfer from the engine to the track or skis, allowing the snowmobile to accelerate and maintain speed. It consists of two primary clutches: the primary clutch connected to the engine and the secondary clutch attached to the drive shaft, and they work together through a belt drive system.

How do you start a snowmobile with a clutch?

Starting a snowmobile with a clutch involves several steps. First, ensure the snowmobile is on a flat surface, the ignition is turned on, and the throttle is in the closed position. Next, engage the clutch by squeezing the brake lever and applying light throttle. Finally, release the brake lever slowly, allowing the snowmobile to start moving forward.

What is a dragging clutch?

A dragging clutch in a snowmobile or UTV occurs when the clutch doesn't fully disengage, causing the vehicle to move even when the throttle is released. This can result in reduced control, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased wear on clutch components, and it may require adjustment or replacement to resolve the issue.

How do snowmobiles not sink?

Snowmobiles are designed to stay afloat on snow and ice due to their wide track or skis that distribute the vehicle's weight over a larger surface area. Additionally, the track or skis are designed to create a low-pressure zone underneath, effectively reducing friction and allowing the snowmobile to glide over the snow without sinking.

How do snowmobiles stop?

Snowmobiles typically stop by applying the brake, which can vary in design between snowmobile models. Most snowmobiles have a hydraulic brake system that, when activated, applies pressure to the track or skis, creating friction and slowing down the snowmobile until it comes to a complete stop.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Clutch Kit Install Guide