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Arctic Cat 800 Clutching

Discover the ultimate performance enhancement for your Arctic Cat 800 snowmobile with Ibexx's specialized clutching solutions. Our meticulously designed kits are crafted to optimize power delivery and responsiveness, ensuring that your rides through snow-covered terrains are as thrilling as they are smooth. With Ibexx's Arctic Cat 800 clutching options, you can confidently conquer winter's challenges, taking your snowmobiling adventures to a whole new level. Upgrade your Arctic Cat 800 experience today with Ibexx and experience the difference firsthand.

Arctic Cat 800 Clutching FAQs

How does a secondary clutch work?

A secondary clutch in a UTV or snowmobile is part of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system. It works in conjunction with the primary clutch to automatically adjust the transmission ratio, enabling smooth acceleration and optimal power delivery as the vehicle's speed and load change.

What is the primary and secondary clutch on a snowmobile?

In a snowmobile, the primary clutch is the one connected to the engine's crankshaft, and it is responsible for transmitting power to the secondary clutch. The secondary clutch, in turn, is connected to the driveshaft and track or skis and helps control the vehicle's speed and power delivery. Together, these clutches make up the continuously variable transmission (CVT) system in a snowmobile, allowing for seamless power adjustment as the snowmobile accelerates or decelerates.

How do snowmobile clutch weights work?

Snowmobile clutch weights are a crucial part of the clutch system that helps control the engagement and disengagement of the clutch. These weights are designed to move outward or inward in response to changes in engine speed and load, allowing the clutch to adjust continuously and optimize power transfer for various riding conditions, ensuring the snowmobile's performance is smooth and efficient.

Is the secondary clutch supposed to spin?

Yes, the secondary clutch in a UTV or snowmobile is designed to spin freely when the vehicle is not in motion. It engages and begins to spin when the primary clutch transfers power to it as you accelerate, allowing the secondary clutch to transmit power to the driveshaft and move the vehicle.

What is a second stage clutch?

A second stage clutch typically refers to an additional clutch system or a secondary clutch in some high-performance or modified UTVs or snowmobiles. This secondary clutch works in tandem with the primary clutch to further fine-tune power delivery and optimize performance for specific riding conditions or modifications.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Clutch Kit Install Guide