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Arctic Cat 600 Clutching

Unleash the full potential of your Arctic Cat 600 snowmobile with Ibexx's exclusive clutching solutions. Our meticulously designed kits are engineered to deliver superior power optimization and throttle responsiveness, ensuring exhilarating rides on snowy landscapes. Elevate your Arctic Cat 600 experience with Ibexx and conquer the winter trails with absolute confidence and control.

Arctic Cat 600 Clutching FAQs

Do you shift gears on a snowmobile?

No, snowmobiles do not have traditional manual gear shifts like cars or motorcycles. Snowmobiles typically have a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, which means there are no gears to shift. Instead, the CVT system continuously adjusts the transmission ratio to optimize power delivery as you accelerate or decelerate, providing smooth and seamless performance.

Is it better to drive in half clutch or full clutch?

In a snowmobile or UTV equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), there is no concept of "half clutch" or "full clutch" as in a traditional manual transmission vehicle. The CVT system automatically adjusts the clutch engagement based on throttle input and vehicle speed to provide optimal power delivery and performance, eliminating the need for manual clutch control.

How do I know I need a clutch kit?

You may need a clutch kit for your UTV or snowmobile if you experience symptoms like slipping, poor acceleration, a burning smell, unusual noises during clutch operation, or difficulty in shifting gears. These signs often indicate that your clutch system is not performing optimally, and a clutch kit can help improve power transfer, throttle response, and overall performance.

What makes a clutch grab?

A clutch grabs or engages when the clutch plates inside the clutch assembly come into contact with each other. This contact is typically initiated by the pressure exerted by the clutch springs, which brings the plates together and allows for the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission or drivetrain, enabling the vehicle to move forward.

Can I break without clutching?

In many UTVs and snowmobiles, you can slow down or come to a complete stop without directly engaging the clutch lever or pedal. This is often achieved by simply releasing the throttle and applying the brake, as the clutch system will disengage automatically, allowing the vehicle to slow down without the need for manual clutching.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile Clutch Kit Install Guide