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About Us

A Bit About Us

At Ibexx our goal is to provide the best clutching products for you. Our brand is focused on shifting your ride to new heights. These products are designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

We are a family run business based out of Idaho with more than 20 years experience in the power sport industry. Our passion is with power sports be it dirt, sand or snow. The business started in 2016 with an exciting range of clutching products for your sled and atv.

This venture all started in the trails of Island Park when one of our founders needed to adjust his sled for a descent. After removing the clutch cover and trying to adjust the clutch in the wet cold snow, he decided there had to be an easier way to do this. And thus our first product the lightning rev was born. From the testing of the initial product a different style of fly weight was designed. The rest as they say is history, check us out on social media to keep up to date with our innovative new products.


Premier Clutching Company in the Snowmobile & UTV Industry  

Ibexx is the premier clutching company in the snowmobile and UTV industry. With over 25 years of experience, Ibexx has established itself as a leader in the performance clutching space by providing customers with reliable, long-lasting solutions that deliver great belt life, power delivery to the ground, and performance gains. The secret to this success lies in Ibexx’s Advanced Profile Technology (APT). The APT design enables Ibexx to provide unrivaled levels of performance from their clutching. This technology involves creating a profile for each customer’s specific application which optimizes their machine’s power delivery for better reliability and performance across all terrain types. This process results in more efficient belt wear, improved fuel economy, and greater overall power transfer from the engine to track. 

Ibexx takes pride in offering the finest quality products on the market today. Each product is carefully crafted using only premium quality materials and processes that are designed to ensure optimal efficiency while operating at peak performance conditions. In addition to offering superior products, Ibexx also provides complete technical support services that allow customers to effectively implement their clutch kits without any unexpected downtime or costly repairs. Furthermore, each customer enjoys access to a vast library of user guides and tutorials that make it easy for them to understand how their kit works as well as how it should be set up and maintained in order to maximize its potential benefits.

At Ibexx we believe that there are no shortcuts when it comes to delivering exceptional results; therefore, we have invested heavily in developing our APT design so that our customers can enjoy both immediate and long-term gains from our clutching. By utilizing this innovative approach, we can ensure consistent results from your first install to long after many hard miles have been put on your machine! We stand proudly behind all our products knowing that they will provide you with fantastic belt life along with more power being delivered directly to the ground than ever before!