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2017-2021 X3 Big Turbo Clutch Kits


X3 Big Turbo



For Can-Am X3's running a bigger than stock turbo. 


The Can-Am X3 Blue Series Clutching, the ultimate upgrade from Ibexx clutching! With our cutting-edge Ibexx Advanced Profile Technology™, our blue series offers an even more unique profile than our green series kits. This means you can confidently harness your extra power while maximizing the performance of your aftermarket turbo!

Traditional clutching methods rely on heavier flyweights to prevent belt slippage and hold the power. However, this can slow down turbo spooling. With our Advanced Profile Technology™, we can lighten the flyweights, allowing for faster RPM acceleration. The unique profile curve generates the necessary belt force to hold the power and effectively transfer the engine's power to the ground. By reducing the load on the engine's bottom end, we can achieve faster turbo spooling.

Experience the next level of performance with the Can-Am X3 Blue Series Clutching. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your vehicle and leave the competition in the dust!

    Purchasing Guide for Turbo Size


Stock-44mm Turbo

Duner 350 kit- 300-350 Engine HP @ 30psi

46-50mm Turbo

Duner 300 kit 300-350 Engine HP @ 30psi 

46mm+ Turbo

Duner 425 kit - 375+ Engine HP


44+mm Turbo

Dirt 300 Kit


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